The Wellness Gift Guide

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The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to stock up on gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let holiday gift buying stress you out. We’ve rounded up our favorite gift ideas with different budgets in mind. 

Perfect for the wellness beginner to health enthusiast. Bundles and kits are the optimal gift for your parents, siblings, friends, coworkers and anyone in between. These bundles and kits include a variety of wellbeing essentials and feels like multiple gifts in one. Feel free to treat yourself to one too and set up your wellness station! 

Our bundles and kits are designed to provide you with all of the tools to reach your personal goals for improving your wellbeing. Each set consists of a combination of our products to cultivate the complete experience of tranquility and peace. 


The Wellness Gift Guide

Small Smudge Kit 

Our small smudge kit is perfect for everyone from beginner to expert sage users. Purify your space or give it to a friend looking for a more tranquil, clean environment. This kit is a perfect starting point because it includes a wide range of our bestselling wellness essentials in one perfect kit.

This kit includes a small sage bundle, palo Santo stick, one feather and a genuine abalone shell with stand.



Large 7 Chakra Kit

This chakra sage kit features our beautiful chakra sage. Each sage bundle is wrapped with 7 rose petals allowing you to set new intentions and focus as each one burns. Our favorite part of this kit is the aesthetic display. Try using this bundle as decor in your house or office as a daily reminder of your intentions and smudge when you are looking for a deep cleanse and realignment.

This kit includes a chakra sage bundle, genuine abalone shell and a stand.


Large White Sage Kit

Practice smudging in a way that is meaningful to you with the cleansing powers of our blessings sage. The simplicity of the bundle is perfect for those who find peace and harmony in manifesting their intentions from a quiet, serene mindset. Sometimes no frills allows the mind to travel to wonderful places.

This kit includes a sage bundle, genuine abalone shell and a stand


Health and Rejuvenation Kit

This is the ultimate gift filled with all the wellbeing essentials. Place your sage or palo santo on the abalone shell while it burns to catch the ashes. If you are looking to direct healing toward an object or part of the body, use the feather to direct the smoke, or include the crystals into your process for specific intentions. To continue your experience on the go, slide on the chakra bracelet for all day alignment. 

This kit includes palo santo, sage, crystals, abalone shell with wooden stand, feather and chakra bracelet.



Build your Own Wellness Kit

  1. Start with the small smudge kit 
  2. Choose to add another sage bundle with targeted benefits:
    1. 7 Chakra White Sage
    2. Sage for Healing 
    3. Sage for Prosperity 
    4. Sage for Blessing
    5. Sage for Love
  3. Add a bracelet: 
    1. 7 Chakra Bracelet 
    2. Amethyst Bracelet 
    3. Tiger Eye Bracelet 
    4. Black Onyx Bracelet 
    5. Clear Quartz Bracelet 
  4. Round out your kit with a quartz cluster for energizing and purifying  
  5. Add to cart for the perfect personalized wellness kit! 


New to smudging? 

We’ve got you covered here: 

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How to Cleanse your Workplace in 5 Steps

5 Steps on How to Burn Sage

Give the gift of wellness and support small businesses!

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