How to Cleanse your Workplace in 5 Steps 

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The American Institute of Stress reports that 80% of all workers feel stress while on the job. This is due to a lot of things including a heavy workload, problems with coworkers, or a long commute (which in most cases might be the bed to home office these days.) While it may seem like you have to go, go, go, take the time to cleanse your workplace, even if it is the home office. 10 minutes of peace in ritual in the beginning of your day can set you up to do your best work without being bogged down by stress.  At Tranquil Wellbeing, we have the tools to create a work environment that is rid of negative energy. All you have to do is follow these 5 steps.


Step One: Set Your Intentions

Before using any cleansing or healing aids, your intentions for the day must be rooted in your mind and body. No one likes being stressed, but it is not enough to wish it away. Affirm that you are willing to give away negative energy in this space. If you have a localized source of stress, focus on that specifically.

Step Two: Smudge with Sage

Using sage is one of the most popular ways to cleanse your space. We suggest you start with our blessing sage to begin each day with a clear mind and an awareness of all of the wonderful opportunities in your life. This is ideal if you have a private work space with a window in order to avoid disrupting coworkers. The sage will not only act as an all natural air freshener but a way to clear the air of bad intention and energy. If you are unsure how to smudge, check out our 5 Steps on How to Burn Sage.


Step Three: Use Quartz Crystals 

Many people consider Quartz to be the master healer. They basically act as energy amplifiers and help you to come back to your center from any altered energy state, and let’s be real: when is the last time you have felt internal harmony at work? With quartz, you can use it as decor on a desk or window sill, wear it as jewelry, or keep it in a pocket or bag for times that you may need it. 

Step 4: Decorate 

Isn’t it the worst feeling when you look up from your computer for the first time in 2 hours and see a plain, beige wall behind an empty desk? A clear office space doesn’t mean a boring one. Place a decorative chakra tree on your desk or hang one of our tapestries on the wall of your space to breathe in life and color to your day. If you work in a shared office space, ask your building manager if you could place some crystals around the office. Chances are, other people will benefit from them too. 

Step 5: Breathe

Like all of our products, you will not experience the healing effects if you are not present and engaged. Take a deep breath...then take another. Use this breathing time to find your center and root you into this moment. Exhale away distractions and stressors. As you cleanse your mind, you will become ready to cleanse the space around you. 


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