About Kanta


A passion for helping others. That is the foundation on which Kanta Kirpalani built a store filled with the tools to manifest self acceptance and inner peace. Tranquil Wellbeing is dedicated to those who believe that they can transform into a better version of themselves.


| Questions with Kanta |

Where did your desire to help others start?

From a young age, my mother motivated me to work hard and played a large role in helping me become a confident, intuitive woman. As I got older, my original mission was to become a medical doctor, but that was not an option for me at the time in India. After attending college, I decided to pursue my masters degree in social work because I knew that I could still help people that way. I traveled to Indian villages and worked with community members, and it was here that I realized my mission to help others was only just beginning. I worked with people with a range of physical and mental medical conditions, but I found that all people can heal from within through energy and achieve tranquility. 

When did you become involved in New Age healing?

I have been a certified Reiki healer since 1981, and in 2019 I became a certified crystal healer. My main goal has always been to help people, but I am also committed to my own growth in order to improve my practice. I am constantly learning about myself and others from seminars and workshops. Since my childhood, people have considered my work to be healing, and I knew I wanted to do more of that. I can not determine your inner peace, but inner peace is more easily accessed when our external space is tranquil, and that is something I can help with. 

What do you hope customers gain from your business?

My main goal is to help clients who want to better themselves but don’t know how or have plateaued in their journey. It can be so hard to accept yourself and forgive yourself which are the two most important factors when it comes to living as your best self. I try daily to give myself up to divine energy and get inspiration directly from this energy to then help others. My work is not medical, but internal healing through energy can be equally as effective for those who seek it. The key is your mindset.