Ask Kanta

  Why ask Kanta?

Kanta started Tranquil Wellbeing on the foundation of her desire to help others.  During her time running her store, she receives lots of questions regarding products, recommendations, and general advice about self improvement and holistic healing.

The journey toward growth and self improvement is a personal experience. At times, though, it’s helpful to get a little information or guidance. I’m here to help.I'd love to chat about your desires for good vibrations and serenity at any stage of life.

How Kanta can Help

How to Cleanse and Clear Your Home and Office

  • I'm wondering how to get into burning sage 
  • I'm looking for something everyone in my family will like 

How to Revamp and Renew you Love and Relationships 

  • I'm feeling bored in my relationship- how can I change that?
  • I don't know how to ask my partner if they would be interested in holistic healing

How to Enhance and Restore your Health and Wellbeing

  • I know the holistic healing isn't a medical cure- what can these products do for me?
  • I want to be more consistent in my health- how can I make holistic healing become a daily practice?

How to Discover and Achieve Prosperity and Good Fortune

  • I am wondering how sage can help me with my job
  • I don't know how to translate intention into tangible success

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