Sage for Blessing

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Our blessing sage is hand crafted from the earth to bring your energy toward good tidings for you and those you care about. Smudging and renewing the energy in our space isn't always about getting rid of the bad also giving thanks for the good. 

White sage, the ultimate purifier, will allow you to have a clear mind when your intentions turn to counting your blessings. Combined with mountain sage that focuses our energy during new beginnings and lavender which opens our hearts toward happiness, smudging with this blessing sage will create the perfect vibrations and harmony in your life.

Intended use: An important part of the ancient ritual of smudging is to give gratitude. Use then you want to focus on a blessing you already have in your life and why you are thankful for it, or turn your mind toward an object/person/event that you hope will be full of blessings in the future.

Ingredients: Mountain Sage, White Sage, Lavender

Sizing: Small 3-4" Large 7-8"

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