How to Set up a Cleansed Work Space

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Most of us have officially accepted the permanent work from home situation for the near future, but have you adequately prepared for it? When our routines become mundane, we struggle to maintain high energy levels and can fall into a rut. To manifest a positive mindset, identify ways to be intentional about day to day life. Let us be your guide to achieving success through holistic healing and help you set up a cleansed working environment to reveal your potential.

Step One: Create your Space

It is important to establish a place in your home that is dedicated strictly to your workspace, regardless of your profession. If you don’t have a room to spare (like me) there are ways to get creative! For example, if you are set up at the dining room table, don’t put unrelated household objects in your space and encourage your family to do activities elsewhere, even on the weekends. Lastly, tidy up the area each night from clutter so that you are starting fresh each morning. Add things like plants and photos to your area so that it feels personal and increases your mood when you look at them.

Decor that soothes and fosters calmness is also a necessary part of making a productive space special to you. (And no, your coffee mug from two days ago does not count as decor.) Our Buddah tapestry is an office favorite for its neutral colors and peaceful design. We also love setting out crystals as a way to channel positive energy and clean thinking all day long. 

Step Two: Establish a Routine 

Even the busiest people need to set aside time to practice mindfulness. At Tranquil Wellbeing we talk about that often -- setting intentions and being mindful -- and that is why we provide you with the tools to do it! Be sure to make your intention specific and do it consistently. This should be as regular as brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of coffee. By doing this, you are resetting your mindset every day, week, and month. We change, our jobs change, and the external factors affecting our lives change; keeping up internally is how we avoid clutter and negative energy in our mental and physical space.

Step Three: Cleanse & Smudge Often

Every time we smudge, we commit to remembering our intentions and objectives that we set for ourselves. Sage is an incredible way to clear, recharge, and secure any space in a way that harvests a clean and productive mind. While any sage helps us clear negative energy from our lives, there are different kinds of sage that help us focus on intention and result in the strongest vibrations. For professional purposes, many customers love our sage for prosperity as a way of creating an environment of success. Whether you make your goal specific or for overall happiness in your work, reevaluate and realign on your desires each time when life throws you curveballs and distractions.

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