3 Strategies to Soothe Stress

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This time of the year can be overwhelming. It's important to develop a self-care practice to keep you centered and grounded. Stress is palpable and it can manifest itself in many ways whether in our digestion, concentration or our overall wellbeing. The good news is, we're here to help with some simple ways to help shift your energy. 

ONE: Eat to Heal

Eat a balanced diet filled with nutrients, hydration and greens. Our gut can become imbalanced with overindulgence and sugar consumption. A diverse diet of plants can help introduce a wide spectrum of much needed nutrients into your body which help manage sugar cravings. What we eat affects our mood, energy, stress levels and even cognitive function.

TWO: Balance your Brain

Develop a mantra and meditation practice to start your day. What is a mantra? Mantra is a Sanskrit word, comprised of the root word “manas” meaning “mind" or “think” and “tra” meaning vehicle. So the word mantra simplified is a vehicle to help us control our thoughts. They are a vehicle for transporting and steering difficult thoughts. A mantra or affirmation is a simple word or phrase that we can repeat daily mentally in order to give us power over thought patterns, habits and busy brains. Invite in positive vibrations with a simple 5 minute meditation in the morning and bring your mantra with you throughout your day. Make sure to set up your space with healing crystals such as amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, rose quartz, or clear quartz to amplify your vibrations. 

THREE: Calm your Senses with Scents

Ritual is an important part of staying centered and grounded. To accompany your daily meditation, consider smudging with your choice of handcrafted sage with intention and purpose or burn your incense with our Back Flow Incense Burner or Cannabis Oil Burner to create a calming and tranquil environment. Scent has the ability to affect our mood and behavior. Scientifically, the olfactory nerve transmits scent perception from our nose to our brain. Our brain houses our memory, mood and emotions and scent can be tied closely to our feelings whether positive or negative. Create a ritual of burning sage for love, blessings, prosperity, or healing and burn whenever you need to cultivate a particular feeling.

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