A Ritual for Late Fall

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This week marks the last week of late fall and the last new moon of 2020. Take a moment this week to set your intentions for the rest of 2020 and release any lingering negativity or tension from this past season or year that is holding you back. The new moon is when the sun and moon align and the moon is darkest in the sky. It marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and brings with it a chance for new beginnings, self-reflection, course correction and manifestation. Here’s a few steps to get you started.

Set your Intentions and Choose your Affirmation

  1. Keep your intentions clear and specific and align your affirmation with your intention to keep your thoughts and actions on course
  2. Each time you make a decision, ask yourself if this will bring your closer to the way you want to feel and the intention you’ve set for yourself
  3. Burn sage around your body to clear your field of any negative energies to become receptive to your affirmation and intention
  4. Clear your mind with a deep meditation to set out your intentions for this new lunar cycle
  5. Allow yourself to dream big and visualize it coming in to your life

Clean Your Space and Create Space for Change

  1. Declutter your space to create space for new energy
  2. Give some love to your plants
  3. Cleanse your workspace or living area with sage or palo santo
  4. Place crystals around to infuse your space with gems 
  5. Create a sacred space in your home for meditation, journaling, self-reflecting and smudging

Get Cozy and Begin Something New

  1. Plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life whether it’s a promise to yourself, a goal or a change you wish to see — as the moon shifts through the lunar cycle, see your promise, goal or change grow with it
  2. Keep your internal and external body warm with nourishing food
  3. Bathe with rose petals, epsom salt, and essential oil
  4. Light a candle when the sun sets to bring light into your life and shine brightness on what you desire
  5. Burn incense and start a project you’ve been holding off

Now is the time to begin anew and initiate your own transformation. What we think about the most is what we end up manifesting into our lives.

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