Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

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Mark your calendars, Mother’s Day is coming up on May 9, 2021. Treat your mom, grandma, stepmom, mother-in-law, or mother-to-be to something special. This is the chance to show the women in your life how much they’re appreciated! Here is our curated Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Mother’s Day Kit

Introducing a limited edition Mother's Day Kit to celebrate all mothers for Mother’s Day. This kit includes Sage for Love which features a mindful blend of mountain sage, white sage and lavender, Selenite Heart which represents purity, light and connection, and a bag of 7 Chakra Stones which correspond with the 7 chakras to help you tune into the energy you need.

Love Kit

Give the gift of love with our Love Kit. This kit is designed to cleanse and create loving energy. It features Sage for Love, our powerful bundle of sage for celebrating the good, Abalone Shell and Stand for smudging, and the Rose Quartz Tree which features rose quartz, the universal stone for love.

Rose Quartz Tree of Life

This Rose Quartz Tree is the perfect gift for your significant other and a great addition to your shared living space. Use this tree as a reminder to open your heart and acknowledge your emotions.

Health and Wellbeing Kit

This is the perfect gift for the health enthusiast in your life or wellness novice looking to expand their repertoire. The Health and Wellbeing Kit is designed for total mental and physical wellbeing. This kit includes Sage for Blessing designed to bring positive tidings, Abalone Shell and Stand, and the Amethyst Crystal Tree and bracelet which have the protective and pure elements of the amethyst crystal designed for harmony for you and your loved ones.

Health and Rejuvenation Kit

This Health and Rejuvenation Kit is designed for the full spectrum experience. It’s a personalized kit with everything your mom needs on her wellness journey. This kit includes palo santo, sage, crystals, abalone shell with wooden stand, feather and chakra bracelet. It’s the total package. 

Everything on this list is thoughtfully curated with wellbeing in mind to show all the maternal figures in your life love, appreciation and gratitude. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself too and no matter what gift you choose, take time to celebrate all the women in your life.

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