Love Kit

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Cleanse and create loving energy with the Rose Quartz Tree and Sage for Love Bundle 

Kit Includes:

Small Sage for Love 
For when you are looking for new love or to renew love. It can be used before an important anniversary or after a fight; use this sage to both point your energy toward celebrating the good and eliminating the bad!

Abalone Shell and Stand 
This natural Abalone Shell and Stand holds smudging materials like Sage or Incense. Many people prefer to use a natural Smudge Bowl like a shell in Smudging ceremonies. 

Rose Quartz Tree 
In addition to its beautiful, soft color, Rose Quartz is the universal stone for love. This makes the perfect gift for a significant other or a great addition to your shared living space. Use this tree as a reminder to open your heart and acknowledge your emotions.

Size: 3-4"