Celebrate Earth Day with Ritual, Connection, Cleansing

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Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to celebrate the earth and demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 and is now celebrated globally. Today, we’ll discuss practices to connect to Mother Nature. When we speak of being grounded, we immediately think of being connected to Mother Earth and when we ground ourselves, a sense of deep inner peace is felt instantly. The earth is sacred and all of life on earth is sacred.

How to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Find a peaceful and quiet place to get connected to the Universe with an attitude of reverence, gratitude and respect
  2. Set up your altar with candles, your favorite crystals, rocks, plants, feathers, seashells, incense sticks, sage and other offerings of flowers and fruit to represent the elements of nature
  3. Cast a circle of protection with all 4 directions with your deities of choice, Arc Angels, Spirit Guides, and Animal Spirits
  4. Speak and give thanks for all that Mother has bestowed upon you freely
  5. Offer prayers of healing for the Planet
  6. Meditate and invite in healing energy that may be channeled to the Earth and to various regions where there is stress or suffering
  7. Use imagery, visualizations and affirmations to feel and imagine the Planet completely healed, cleansed, cured, protected, green and abundantly fertile
  8. Play singing bowls or drum beats to seed positive, healing vibrations out into the Universe 

Earth healing rituals have been practiced since the beginning of time around the globe by Native Americans, Shamans, Pagans, Indigenous Tribes in Europe, Africa, Asia and The Americas. These rituals were originally performed in open sacred places but has evolved with the expansion of cities and high rises. Now, we can perform healing rituals in our own space and contribute towards the healing of Mother Earth.

How to Celebrate Life

  1. Stretch your senses and awareness, feel the environment, get connected to Mother Earth and all her splendor
  2. Walk barefoot outside in the grass, soil or sand
  3. Dip your feet in the rivers or oceans or take a swim to feel the energy of the waters
  4. Smell the flowers
  5. Hug a tree, plant a tree, adopt a tree and take care of your plants
  6. Hold your crystals and meditate holding onto them and keep them in a space where you can connect to them and feel their magic
  7. Rejoice in the sun and moonlight
  8. Take deep breaths and feel the oxygen fill your lungs
  9. Dance in the rain
  10. Learn an old skill
  11. Conserve water, our life force
  12. Keep our air clean

Meditation for Grounding

Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. If you're sitting in a chair, uncross your legs and plant your feet on the floor to ground you. Place your palms in your lap, face up and shaped like you are holding a tennis ball -- this communicates to the subconscious and the Universe that you are ready to receive whatever is ready to be shared with you.

Slow your breathing by taking some deep breaths. If it's helpful, count to 5 on the inhale, and count to 5 on the exhale. If you've ever seen a baby breathe while sleeping, you notice their tummy moving up and down. Try to breathe like that also, it's how we were meant to breathe. Continue relaxing your body by slowing down and focusing on your breath. 

Imagine a column of white light encompassing your spine - there is no substance to it and it won't disturb your body. Connect with the Earth from the base of your spine by sending this white column of light into the Earth and breathe in the Earth energy for a few breaths until you feel connected to the Earth. The Earth is always giving and sharing love with you. 

Connect with the Sun from the top of your head by sending this white column of light above you and breathe in the Solar energy for a few rounds of breath until you feel connected to the Sun. The Sun is always sharing its light and providing for us. Next, as you breathe in, merge these two energies at your heart center and allow them to fill you with love, light, and energy. The Earth and the Sun are always ready to share their gifts with you. 

As the Earth and Sun have shared with you, you can share their energy with others. Visualize yourself sending out the energy from your heart center that you are receiving. Share it with your family, your friends, people you may not get along with, people who may need this possible energy - you don't even have to know them. There are many people in this world who need this energy - send it everywhere. Sit in this feeling for a few more breaths, sharing the gifts you are receiving. 

Feel free to repeat this at any point in time, it helps to connect you to the Earth and the Sun, to yourself within, and to others. May your life continue to be blessed abundantly.

Earth Day should be celebrated everyday, this is our only Habitat. Use today as a reminder  to stay connected to nature and healing energy and refer back to these rituals often.

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