How to Cleanse, Clear and Recharge Your Crystals

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Crystals absorb both positive and negative energy and it’s important to cleanse your crystals after each use and reprogram your crystals with new intentions regarding what you wish to manifest into your life. Below we’ll outline a few different ways to cleanse and clear your crystals from negative energy absorbed from yourself or your environment.

Cleanse, Clear and Recharge Your Crystals

  1. Sunlight: Place your crystal on a windowsill or outside where your crystals can sit under full sunlight. Some crystals may fade in the sun so don’t leave your crystal out too long.
  2. Moonlight: The full moon is the best time to place crystals outside to cleanse and absorb natural radiant soft energy from the moon. 
  3. Sage: Immerse your crystals in the wonderful healing smoke of sage. Use your healing, prosperity, love, blessing, or chakra sage to cleanse and recharge your crystal, your aura and your environment and breathe in the fragrant aroma.
  4. Singing bowl: Like humans, crystals love vibrations and respond well to the healing vibrations of a singing bowl. Play your singing bowl near your crystals and allow the negative energy to drain out. 
  5. Incense sticks: As you cleanse and clear your crystal and space with your incense sticks, think of only positive thoughts of love, happiness, joy, and healing. Place your crystals next to your incense burner and allow the fragrant incense to clear away any negativity.
  6. Plants: There is a symbiotic exchange of energy between crystals and plants. Nestle your stone in or on top of the soil near your plant and leave it for a day. This is a great way to cleanse, purify, and exchange natural positive energy.
  7. Rainwater or Alkaline Water: Spray your crystals with clearing water remembering to think positively. Note some crystals tend to disintegrate and it’s important not to submerge or soak your crystals for too long.
  8. Selenite: Selenite can be used to cleanse and reactivate your jewelry or crystals. Place your objects around your Selenite Small Single Tower for a minimum of 6 hours to remove negative and blocked energy. In addition, you can also place selenite underneath your pillow if you feel distracted or ungrounded. This will help clear your aura, balance your mental state, center your energy and realign your chakras.

Crystals deal with a lot of energy in terms of communications and vibrations and can become very clouded so it’s important to routinely clear your crystals and your space. Some of our favorite crystals include amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, and aventurine

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