A Monthlong Reset Featuring Sage and Crystals

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The beginning of a new month is the perfect time to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for a month of rejuvenation, cleansing and self-care. Below, we outline a gentle but powerful guide to reconnect with yourself and your priorities for the rest of the month.

Monthlong Reset

Week 1 - Mindset Reset

Cleanse and release blockages with sage, set your intentions, figure out your priorities and goals, meditate and journal

Week 2 - Cleanse your Surroundings

Make your home and workplace a sanctuary where you feel tranquil and calm — place an amethyst or rose quartz tree in your space

Week 3 - Unplug to Reconnect

Minimize screen time, especially an hour before bedtime and in the morning upon waking

Week 4 - Connect with Nature and Move Your Body

The days are longer and the flowers are blooming; open your windows, take a scroll outside and burn some fragrant palo santo for a wellbeing boost

Set your Mind-Body Goals

I will be kind to myself
I will prioritize my wellbeing
I will feel good this month


It’s important to periodically reset your mind and body and a new season or new month is the perfect time. When we’re disconnected from ourselves, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care, prioritize time and shift your awareness positively. Practice taking care of yourself first before you take care of others and see the transformation begin to unfold.

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