Burn Sage and Set Intentions for Spring Renewal

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Welcome Spring with new intentions and let go of the past season by burning sage. The Springtime is a time of new beginnings. Take time today to celebrate the beginning of a new season with smudging and intention setting.

How to Burn Sage for Spring

  1. Open your windows and let fresh air into your space
  2. Allow the air to circulate and choose a sage of your choice: healing, blessing, prosperity, love, chakra and gently light the tip of your sage until it catches flame
  3. Blow out the flame until only fragrant smoke remains and cleanse your space and your objects

Intentions for Spring

Focus on growth — a new houseplant, a personal goal, or a budding relationship
Gain a fresh perspective or outlook on the direction of your life
Plant seeds of inspiration in areas where you wish to grow
Discover your passion and commit to a plan of action
Release clutter and clean out your space
Re-energize a new or existing project


What is one thing you want to focus on for Spring? A fresh start is right around the corner. Stock up on your wellness essentials and begin your transformation as a new season of growth is ushered in.

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