5 Crystals for Spring

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The start of a new season is the optimal time for planting new intentions and fertilizing seeds for growth. Take time this week to re-energize existing projects or make plans for new ones. Set up intentions and affirmations for your projects and plans with potent crystals for transformation. 

Crystals with Intention


Invite in Prosperity and Abundance

Affirmation: Abundance flows freely and effortlessly to me in all aspects of my life


Amplify Existing Vibrations and Invite in Healing Energy

Affirmation: I am open to new possibilities and new beginnings


Create Calming Energy

Affirmation: I release tension, stress and fear

Rose Quartz

Rejuvenate Your Relationships

Affirmation: Love surrounds me


Connect to Your Highest Calling

Affirmation: I am full of potential


We recommend pairing each crystal with sage to clear out stuck energy and to make space for renewal for the start of the new season. Choose 1 or 5 crystals to shed layers from Winter and create meaningful change in your life.

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