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Tranquil Wellbeing was founded by Kanta Kirpalani in 2020. Her journey began over 40 years ago serving as a student of wellness and wellness instructor. She is passionate about helping others and has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge so people can transform into the best version of themselves. As a special treat for Mother’s Day, we’ve interviewed her for her self-care practice, affirmations, advice, favorite products and more.

Tell me a little bit more about your background and how it has influenced where you are today.

We used to live in a joint family in South India -- at one time, there were 18 adults and children living in a small two bedroom apartment with one bathroom -- talk about patience! In that home, I learned what love was and I learned how to find quiet spaces in the noise.

My mother was the main caretaker for her in-laws, her nieces and nephews, and her children while my father worked abroad. Watching her manage our home and also hearing her speak of her blessings taught me to see the silver lining in everything life throws at you. As I struggled to find quiet externally, my internal intuition blossomed and so did my journey to be a healer.

I would take care of my younger siblings and cousins - it came so naturally to me. This continued throughout my life - I realized that I was a powerful instrument to transmit energy - through actions of love and through words of solace or just my presence. As a certified Reiki Healer and a certified Crystal Healer, natural holistic healing is my passion and I am very sure that this is not the first lifetime that I’ve spent being a healer. 

As a mother, how do you make time for self-care each day?

I am a mother to two adult children, and a grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters who are the light of my life. I make sure to listen to my body - when it says it needs to rest, we rest, when it says we need to move, we move, when it says we need to sit, we sit. I will say, if I had to choose favorites, it would be to listen to waves and sink my feet in the sand. 

What are some of your current self-care practices?

My top 5 self care practices are:

  1. Meditating
  2. Massages
  3. Listening to spiritual or healing music
  4. Sitting by the ocean (when traveling)
  5. Spending time with animals, dogs, and granddaughters

What are your current affirmations or mantras?

My current affirmations are:

  1. Thank you God for all your blessings, great and small
  2. Sweet are the fruits of adversity (by Shakespeare)
  3. This too shall pass
  4. I am not alone, God is with me
  5. All is well

What is one piece of advice you would share for new mothers?

Love and take care of yourself too. If you are tired or grumpy, your baby will sense this. Take care of yourself so you can be your best self for your baby.

What are your favorite TWB products?

My favorite products are the crystals and backflow burners. I like to talk to my crystals and burners are simply mesmerizing to watch. I love watching the smoke cascade down and feel myself relax after a long day. This is a great tip for stress relief -- breathe deeply and watch your backflow burner. Try and focus on the burner without having your to-do list or your latest stressor on your mind. Watch the smoke - clearing your mind.

Do you have anything special planned for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is always filled with surprises and it’s a day I spend with my family. I will bask in love and attention and this year, my birthday falls on Mother’s Day! It will be a special day.

Like everyday,  I will make time for myself to connect with the Universe and recharge. 

For more information, inspiration, or impactful practices, visit us at or on our social channels @tranquilwb

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