Decluttering Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

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This concludes the final 3 part series of decluttering. We began the series with How to Start Decluttering, continued with Let Go of These Things and we’ll conclude the series this week. This week we’ll discuss the 4 main reasons why people have a hard time letting go and some tips of where to begin and how to overcome any blockages or obstacles to help you optimize your space and create an intentional space with items that bring you joy. Each obstacle pairs well with a particular sage that will cleanse the stuck blockage and invite in blessing, healing, love or prosperity.

The Top 4 Decluttering Obstacles


Lack of Time

No matter what it is whether it’s a hobby you want to start or the new recipe you want to learn, it can be easy to feel like you don’t have enough time. Life is busy and society puts pressure on us to appear busy. But ask yourself if you can prioritize and create time. Is lack of time just an excuse? Gently monitor your day and see where you could carve some space for yourself. If it’s important to you, time will become available.

Pair with: Sage for Blessing


Feeling Overwhelmed

Start in manageable sections and set realistic expectations and goals for yourself. Take a deep breath, light some sage or palo santo and get started. You’re the only person holding you back! Remember you don’t have to complete your entire hour or apartment at one time. Instead of thinking of this task as a punishment of “cleaning your room,” think of it as a reward for yourself. You’re creating an organized space for yourself that can positively impact your life.

Pair with: Sage for Healing



It’s human nature, ingrained in our psychology to become attached to our material possessions. Our possessions link to memories, emotions, relationships, self-worth and more. We subconsciously create a link between what we have and our individual identity. Letting go can be difficult because it might feel like we’re letting go of a part of ourselves or the memories of a past relationship or fragment of who we were in the past. Having these objects close by that are meshed with our past can feel like a safety net that’s difficult to let go.

Our individual identity and self-worth are not tied to the accumulation of our material possessions. Remember this key point as you journey through your space and filter out what you no longer need. The more you create space in your home, the more space you create for inner transformation and creativity. The memories you hold are more special than any objects tucked away.

Pair with: Sage for Love


What if?

More likely than not, you might have a surplus of a few items just in case. Maybe you have extra mugs you don’t need that could be donated. Or a few pillows or blankets that no longer fit with your design aesthetic but are tucked in the corner, just in case. For now, these extra items are causing clutter. It can be difficult to let go because you might need it later; but if we’re honest, do you really need them? What’s the worst that could happen if you let it go?

Pair with: Sage for Prosperity

Thank you for joining us on this 3 part decluttering journey. For more wellness tips, join us next week. 

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