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Last week, we discussed How to Start Decluttering. This week is part 2 of our 3 part decluttering series. If you’ve been following along the series, hopefully you’ve already made some headway in your space. Let’s continue on the journey. Below you’ll find some helpful introspective questions to help you declutter.

The Top 5 Items to Let Go of First


Let Go Of: Old Electronics

Do you still have an iPhone 4 and a non-compatible charger? Maybe you still have a walkman that’s partially broken but could be fixed in the future. What about the tangled web of cords that could still come in handy, the earphones that don’t work in one ear or the phone charger that’s frayed at the end? It's time to make space and say goodbye.

Invite In: Selenite

Electronics stimulate the mind. The mind is connected to the Crown Chakra and one of the gemstones associated with the Crown Chakra is selenite. Selenite is a beautiful translucent crystal with protective and purifying properties. Place the Selenite Trio Collection on your table, windowsill or in the corners of your rooms to feel its cleansing and powerful energy. 


Let Go Of: Items with Bad Memories or Negative Associations

Remember your first boyfriend who broke your heart? Are you still keeping memorabilia from your time together even though you’ve said you moved on? What about a particularly stressful part of your life and the items from that time period? It’s safe to move on and throw these items away.

Invite In: Singing Bowl with Mallet

The past is history and all we can do is move on and heal where we are. Singing bowls use sound healing to stimulate the mind, providing deep relaxation, clarity and more. After letting go of items with bad memories or associations, consider playing your singing bowl in your space to help purify any lingering negative energy and flush away any blockages.


Let Go Of: Things You No Longer Need

Did you get Lasik but still have old packs of contacts or contact solution? These can be donated or tossed. Did you overbuy school supplies for grad school or art supplies for a hobby you realize isn’t your passion? Try donating these to a school. Look around your space and see what else could be useful for somebody else.

Invite In: Chakra Mandala Incense Holder and Coaster

When we are disconnected from ourselves, it’s often because our chakras are misaligned. Chakras are energy centers flowing from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Use your Chakra Mandala Incense Holder and Coaster as a mini grid to set intentions, charge your water to flush out any toxins and light incense in your space to invite in positive energy.


Let Go Of: Freebies or Complimentary Items

Everybody likes when things are free but when do these items actually get used? Did you pick up a free visor, tote bag, plastic cup and pen from your latest work convention only to realize you’ll never wear these or use them? Time to donate.

Invite In: Prosperity Kit

With your newfound space, tap into abundance and prosperity with the Prosperity Kit. Cleanse your energy with Sage for Prosperity and catch the ashes in the abalone shell and stand, bless your space with the Aventurine Crystal Tree to invite in good luck and success and wear the 7 Chakra Bracelet to feel aligned and hopeful; all included within the Prosperity Kit.


Let Go Of: Gifts

This category can be a challenging one. It’s been said it’s the thought that counts when someone is giving you a gift; so keep the thought and give away the gift. Whether it’s the candle from your mother-in-law, kitschy plaque from your co-worker, or another gift that means a lot but doesn’t have space in your life, donate it and let it go. Just because it’s a gift from somebody else doesn’t mean you have to keep it. It’s the thought that counts and they’ll never know.

Invite In: Rose Quartz Tree

Rose quartz is the crystal of love. Instead of surrounding yourself with gifts that don’t align with you, infuse your space with clear thought and love with the Rose Quartz Tree. Open your heart, acknowledge your emotions and invite in love.


Take this time to let go of something that no longer serves you in order to begin the next month anew.

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