How to Use the Love Kit to Invite in Love

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Love is powerful. Scientific studies have shown that love triggers a release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and norepinephrine; the chemicals responsible for feeling good. One of the best tools we have for cultivating love is the Love Kit.

What’s Included in the Love Kit?

The Love Kit includes a handcrafted bundle of Sage for Love, a powerful Rose Quartz Tree and a genuine Abalone Shell and Stand. These are the essentials for cleansing the past and inviting in lasting self-love, friendships and relationships.

How to Use Sage for Love?

Our Sage for Love is handcrafted with three key ingredients: white sage, mountain sage, and lavender. This sage is designed to bring positive energy toward your relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

White sage acts as an energy purifier resetting the mood and energy in the room. After an argument with a loved one or even a stressful day, clear the air by gently lighting your sage and waving it around to clear any lingering negativity or residual tension.

Mountain sage promotes new beginnings and will help release stuck energy. Bless the start of a new relationship or friendship with your sage.

Lavender helps to open the heart and soothe tension. This sage can be used for yourself when taking time for self-care, the ultimate gesture of self-love. Light your sage before a rejuvenating bath, burn your sage with your new moon intentions or cleanse your space before meditation or asana using your Sage for Love bundle to visualize love coming in to your life. Your thoughts can create your reality so think positively and breath in fresh energy from burning your sage.

Where Should You Place the Rose Quartz Tree?

Rose Quartz is the universal stone of love and helps the owner attract and keep universal love. Lead with your heart and place your tree wherever it resonate with you most. We recommend placing your Rose Quartz Tree somewhere where you can see it everyday such as your bedroom, bathroom or desk to remind yourself to open your heart, acknowledge your emotions and balance your heart chakra. 

Cultivating self-love and respect for yourself starts within. Use the Love Kit to restart, renew, and rejuvenate your relationship with yourself and others.

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