3 Practices for Self-Love: Featuring Sage, Rose Quartz and Selenite

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One of the most transformative emotions is love. In order to create healthy loving relationships, the first step is to generate love for yourself. Here are three practices for self-love. 

Cultivate Complete Acceptance in your Life and Forgive the Past

Instead of projecting your thoughts into the past or the future, cultivate acceptance for where you are currently in your life. Remember you are exactly where you need to be and the journey is more important than the destination. Are you still living in the past? Move on from past hurt and fill yourself with love. What brings you joy? Take time each day, even if it's 5 minutes to bring a sense of joy back into your life. Burn Sage for Love which features mountain sage, white sage and lavender to help you let go of the past, infuse your present relationships with energy and to bless the start of any new relationship or friendship.

Practice Compassion for Yourself and for Others and Love Yourself First

We are all doing the best we can every situation we’re presented with. Instead of judging or criticizing, practice gentle compassion for yourself and for those around you. If you create an inner dialogue of love and acceptance, you create space for healthy relationships that align with your attitude and wellbeing. Rose quartz is the universal stone for love. The Rose Quartz Tree is the perfect addition to your living space as a reminder to love yourself and be compassionate to yourself and to others.

Meditate on the Idea of Love and Attune Yourself to Your Thoughts

What does love look like to you? What does love feel like? How can you invite this feeling of love into your life starting with yourself? Through stillness and awareness, heal your relationship with yourself. Pay attention to the thoughts you have throughout the day. Are you being too harsh on yourself or others? Take a moment to pause when you feel yourself straying into negative territory and send love to yourself and to others. As you meditate, hold your Selenite Heart in your hands, palms face up in a gesture of receptivity. Selenite helps to shield yourself from negative energy and cultivate loving energy. Selenite represents purity, light and connection and can help attune your thoughts to a higher vibration during your seated meditation or visualization practice. Consider keeping your Selenite Heart in your bag, on your desk or close by for the rest of the day as a reminder to attune yourself to your thoughts, love yourself and prioritize your needs. 

For more tips on how to cultivate love, check out last week's article: How to Use the Love Kit to Invite in Love

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