Rose Quartz vs. Clear Quartz: Benefits, Meanings, Affirmations

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Rose quartz and clear quartz are two of the most powerful and popular crystals in the wellness world. Today, we’ll break them down into their particular benefits, meanings and affirmations.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known for its beautiful soft pink color. Rose quartz is the stone of love and helps to rejuvenate your relationships, inspire friendships and compassion and helps to open your heart. 

Our Favorite Rose Quartz ProductRose Quartz Tree 

Place this tree in your space as a reminder to open your heart, tune into your emotions and invite in unconditional love into your relationships. 

Affirmation: I am love. I am loved. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the Master Crystals known as the stone of healing. The color ranges from translucent to opaque. Clear quartz can protect the owner from negativity, amplify existing energy, balance your body and align your chakras.  

Our Favorite Clear Quartz Products

  1. Clear Quartz Tree 
  2. Clear Quartz Bracelet 
  3. Clear Quartz Cluster 

Affirmation: My mind, body and soul are aligned. 

Both rose quartz and clear quartz are staples. Use one or both in your wellbeing journey and see the transformation in your life. 

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