The First New Moon and What it Represents

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On January 13, the first New Moon of 2021 will peak in the sky. If you've lost sight of your resolutions, now is the time to rekindle your motivation and reset your intentions for the year ahead. The entire week of the New Moon holds power so give yourself the opportunity to use the time for contemplation, intention setting and transformation mapping. 


New Moons signify a time for rebirth and renewal. Because it’s the first New Moon of 2021, it's especially important to visualize your dreams, desires and goals for the upcoming year. If you’re not sure where to start, read 5 Golden Rules for Goal Setting on best practices for setting intentions and resolutions. If you feel your energy and attention pulled outward, take time for reflection and meditation to redirect your awareness inward in order to tap into your intuition. Centering pairs well with quartz and citrine crystals, palo santo and sage for blessing and our Small Smudge Kit and Health and Rejuvenation Kit. This is a great starting point for beginning again.


This particular New Moon is in Capricorn and aligns with the planet Pluto, known for transformative energy. If there is something holding you back in the past such as sadness, fear, guilt, or anger, take time to harness the powerful energy of the New Moon to inspire growth. The beginning of change can often be frustrating. Allow yourself to channel this energy in order to awaken the dormant power inside. It’s time to recenter and recharge.

Affirmations for New Moon in Capricorn

I am ready for growth and for change
I am open to abundance
I welcome love into my life


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