The 7 Chakras: Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra

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Welcome back to your deep dive into the 7 Chakras. Last week, we took a look at the first two chakras (if you missed it, no worries! Find it here.) Today, we are moving up the body to Chakra 3 and 4, the Solar Plexus and the Heart. It’s not always easy, but exploring the mysterious wheels of energy in our bodies can tell us so much about our mood, attitude, and motivation for a tranquil, full life. As always, we encourage you to talk to our expert and founder Kanta when you need direction. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow 

As a reminder, self love, self esteem and self confidence is the name of the game with the third chakra. We stumble upon these aspects of ourselves as we get older and more independent. We take control of our own life, form beliefs and opinions separate from our parents, and can make decisions without the approval of others. Doing this confidently though can be easier said than done though, right? 

When this chakra is balanced and open, we don’t think twice about voicing our opinions or making a judgement call on a situation. However, as with many of the chakras, an overactive or underactive solar plexus can result in rather obvious signs. If your energy is overactive, you may experience the need for excessive control or obsession with the smallest of plans happening in everyday life. On the flip, an underactive third chakra could leave you feeling purposeless or dependent on others to make decisions. Does the non alignment of the Solar Plexus resonate with you? Fear not! We have the tools at Tranquil Wellbeing to help you cleanse this specific energy. 

Regardless of your current holistic practices and habits, you have to look the part for a clear Solar Plexus. This does not include a different pair of WFH sweatpants for every day of the work week. Put on your favorite shirt and swap out those leggings for jeans (men, this is for you too!) I know, in reality, it may not be feasible to wear your Sunday best to every zoom call, which is where sage comes in! Smudge with our prosperity or blessing sage your clothes, desk, and planner before starting your work day or the day of activities ahead. This will give you a clear mind and the ability to align your third chakra. 

The Heart Chakra - Green

As you may have guessed, this chakra sits in the middle of our chest. It is where we feel love for ourselves and love for others, but it doesn’t necessarily mean romance. This chakra also represents compassion, awareness of others’ feelings, and our own deep feelings such as grief, peace, longing, etc. It can be a scary thing to feel deeply, but when the heart chakra is open and aligned we feel in a way that is beneficial and transformative to ourselves and others.

If the fourth chakra is closed, unwanted thoughts creep into our minds and hearts. This could come in the form of jealousy especially in regards to a significant other. We might also hold grudges, or play the victim in any situation that we can. In general, we might feel a sense of unattachment or coldness to or from others. On the other hand, an open heart chakra looks like harmony between ourselves and others. This “others” could even be inanimate if we are feeling grateful and appreciative of the beauty of a day. The imagery of an open heart chakra aligns with a common phase about someone in a relationship: letting your walls fall down. We are vulnerable in the best way when we are aligned. 

We love our products for love! Openness with yourself and others doesn’t happen overnight. This is why we set intentions each morning and reminders during the day to be better little by little. Our sage for love is wonderful to cleanse a space before spending time with someone. Every interaction deserves to be fresh and uninterrupted by negative energy. It also makes a great gift for a significant other! In addition to this, consider setting up this crystal tree; use it as a reminder when you see it to be kind to your own heart and extend loving thoughts and words to others. 

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