The 7 Chakras: Root & Sacral Chakra

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Last week, we gave you an introduction to the 7 Chakras and what alignment means for your body, mind, and soul. Today, we are diving into the first two chakras, Root and Sacral, for a deeper understanding of their meaning and how to improve them when you are feeling misaligned. Grasping the wheels of energy in our body can be complex, and I know firsthand that learning about them can open your eyes to the specific reasons you’ve been lacking peace and tranquility. We always encourage you to talk to our expert and founder Kanta when you need direction. 

The Root Chakra - Red

To recap, the first chakra is located at the base of our spine. From this position, we feel things like stability, confidence, and security. As the name suggests, this is the foundation on which we live our lives. The first chakra draws on the elements of the earth; picture yourself digging your inner roots into the ground --action, risk taking, decision making all stem from here. 

When our first chakra is out of line, we feel anxious about taking the next steps in life, indecision about work or home, or even stress about our basic needs for survival. This can be as small as going to work tomorrow or as big as buying your first house. It’s possible to jump to the other end of the spectrum and feel greed and desire for more than we need in life or paranoia that what we have will be taken away. 

So what can we do to fix it? 

Believe it or not, the simple act of getting back to nature is key. If you love the outdoors like me, this could feel like a simple task! But, for others, this could be a big step. Spending time with the earth reminds us of the simplicity and stability in nature. The expression, “get back to your roots,” is 100% accurate and necessary when we aren’t feeling grounded. If the outdoors really isn’t for you, include decor indoors so that the element of earth is close by and personal.

The Sacral Chakra - Orange

Unlike the Root Chakra, the second chakra is fluid and dynamic, like water. It’s all about the creativity and flow in our minds and bodies whether that be creative, emotional, or sexual. I’ve heard it best described from as “supporting personal expansion and the formation of identity through relating to others and to the world” (1)

However, the first two chakras do work together despite their differences. Imagine a tree, a symbol I like to use when discussing the chakras. Your roots are your core values and beliefs, and the confidence and security we discussed above comes from those strong roots. Our sacral chakra is the leaves, existing in the open world as an expressive, creative entity. 

The common sign of a sacral imbalance is when your body is feeling the emotional extremes, whether that be amplified or suppressed. For example, you can be feeling completely ruled by your emotions, or on the other hand numb to everything. You may indulge in desires and fantasies, or on the flip side nothing excites you anymore. This chakra is all about creative or emotional movement, so when we are out of alignment, we feel stuck. 

To reopen this chakra, we have two favorite methods. One, cleanse your body with sage while repeating an affirmation. We often think of sage as being used for a space, but it can be a great cleanser for your body. Direct the smoke to your lower-mid torso where the second chakra is located and repeat affirmations such as, “I will express myself authentically,” or “I deserve to feel stimulation and pleasure.” Get specific about where you are feeling stuck if you can. The other method is to reconnect with water. Place crystals or a crystal tree into water or include a water feature in your everyday space to reconnect with the element.


Root & Sacral Wrap Up

In all chakra-related realignment, remember to identify the problem before trying to fix it. The chakras are spheres of energy that work together, and while all are important for a full and harmonious life, it is essential to keep our base open and aligned. 


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