The 7 Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra

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Welcome back to our final review of 7 chakras and their importance to your body, mind, and spirit. Sadly, we are at the end, but it is our hope that you have been provided with the information and tools necessary to keep these wheels of energy open and spinning! The Throat, Third Eye, and Crown will wrap up the 7 chakras and will force us to dive even deeper into our spiritual being. As always, we encourage you to talk to our expert and founder Kanta when you need direction. 


The Throat Chakra - Blue 

The fifth chakra is all about communication and expression. Remember the Sacral Chakra and its meaning of creativity and emotion? Well, up the body to this chakra is where we draw on the energy to express it. The expression, “live your truth” or “speak your truth” comes to fruition here. We cultivate feeling and creation through chakras 1-4, and the throat chakra brings those sentiments into a tangible reality for others to see. 

A blocked throat chakra is evident in our presentation to others. We can know our truth and believe it wholeheartedly, but lack the confidence or security to say it outloud. This could be for fear of judgement, differing opinions from peers, lack of desire for attention. On the flip side, an overactive throat chakra leads to gossiping, lying, or bullying others with your words. Opening the throat chakra takes a lot of affirmation that we are worthy of our opinions and we will speak nothing but the truth. Try wearing the color blue as a constant reminder that the words you say have a lasting effect on both you and others. 

The Third Eye Chakra - Indigo

These final two chakras are more abstract and spiritual than the others. The Third Eye, located between our eyebrows, “is an instrument to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality.” In simpler terms, this is your intuition about others, yourself, or a situation. An open sixth chakra allows us to see past the tangible facts and make accurate judgments and insights.

I liked to describe a blocked Third Eye Chakra as lacking vision or clarity. We may get hung up on a situation and not be able to formulate the bigger picture and higher importance. This can manifest itself in work, family, or personal problems. A great way to open this chakra is to smudge in a silent environment. The voices in our head can be too loud, so make the time to slow down, and focus on the messages coming to you that are beyond the hustle and bustle of the everyday. 

The Crown Chakra - Purple 

The Crown Chakra is even more abstract than the last, and serves as our connection to a higher being. Not everyone can fully open their seventh chakra, but it is our understanding that there is a world and entity larger than ourselves. It escapes the tangible and emits a blissful energy that our earthly bodies are not capable of creating.

An overactive Crown Chakra can put our heads in the clouds so much so that we are detached from reality and put too much importance on spirituality. As always, there is a flip to this where we can find ourselves detached from sacred and spiritual matters. We may view our lives as finite and unaffected by the greater being around us. It could come in a more common form of depression, confusion, or severe mood swings. To clear the crown chakra, meditate with intention. Remove yourself from your activities, friends, job, etc and focus on what is left of you after taking away external factors. Surround yourself with amethyst, as it emits stillness and clarity perfect for honing in on your 7th chakra.

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