Summer Solstice Ritual Featuring Sage and Crystals

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A new season is a chance to usher in revitalized intentions and fresh energy. Today, we’ll discuss a clearing and inviting ritual that features wellness powerhouses sage and crystals. This ritual is quick and accessible and can be done throughout the entire season. Bonus: we also offer some tips on how to set your space up for the new season.


  1. Choose a kit depending on what energy you would like to invite in — Love, Prosperity, Health or choose a classic White Sage Kit or Chakra Kit
  2. Check the weather and reserve some time in your calendar — This ritual requires moonlight and sunlight so it’s best to prepare for a night and day with clear skies
  3. Cleanse your crystals with sage and place your crystals near your Selenite Spiral, Single or Double Tower overnight for a minimum of 12 hours near a window or outside in view of the moon


  1. Gather your supplies (Sage, Crystal, Feather, Stand, Yoga Mat, Journal & Pen) and head outside into the sunlight — We recommend high noon when the sun is the most vibrant and powerful
  2. Set up your space: Place your mat down facing the sun with your kit and journal off to the side and your Crystal Tree (Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chakra, or Amethyst) in front of your mat 
  3. Wear your 7 Chakra, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Onyx, and Clear Quartz Bracelets on your left wrist
  4. Practice 5 Sun Salutation A facing the sun to bring circulation into the body
  5. After your movement practice, take time for stillness and meditate on the sounds you hear breathing deeply and imagine inviting the light of the sun into your body
  6. Journal your insights, thoughts and write down your intentions for the new season; distilling an affirmation for yourself
  7. Once your mind and body are prepared, light your sage and gently blow out the flame until fragrant smoke remains
  8. Place a crystal cluster in your non-dominant hand and sage in your dominant hand
  9. Circle your body with the smoke in an organic manner depending on your intuition, cleansing and inviting energy into your space
  10. Have a clear vision of your intention in your mind and say your affirmation out loud 5 times


  1. Declutter your space focusing on areas that receive the most traffic such as your living, working and sleeping areas
  2. Invite in a sense of calm with your Backflow Burner and choose a Crystal Tree such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chakra, or Amethyst and place them in your space to continue inviting in revitalized energy for the new season

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