Sage for Summer

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Welcome to Summer. Today, we’ll re-discover the Tranquil Wellbeing Sage Collection and discuss how you can incorporate each bundle into your daily routine for the new season. 

Sage for Healing 

Let go of past seasonal blockages and heal mind, body and soul with Sage for Healing. This all purpose healing bundle features cedar, copal and mountain sage. 

Sage for Blessing 

Cleanse and bless your space with Sage for Blessing. Give gratitude to all you have and amplify positive vibrations for the summer season. This bundle features mountain sage, white sage and lavender. 

Sage for Love 

Summer is the perfect time to cultivate new friendships and relationships. Invite in loving energy with Sage for Love into all aspects of your life. This bundle features mountain sage, white sage and lavender. 

Sage for Prosperity 

Invite in prosperity and abundance for the new season with Sage for Prosperity. Set your new intentions for summer and get ready for prosperous new beginnings. This bundle features mountain sage and pine. 

Sage for Chakra Balancing 

Balance your chakras and align your mindset for tranquility and peace for the summer season with Chakra Sage. This bundle features white sage wrapped in rose petals. 


Smudging is a powerful ancient ritual designed for cleansing, purifying, and protecting. Cultivate healing, blessing, love, prosperity and chakra balancing for the summer season.

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