How to Use the White Sage Kit to Release Stuck Energy

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As we begin to transition into a new season, take time to let go of the past with a smudging ritual designed to help you release stuck energy. Our White Sage Kit is one of our bestsellers and includes sage, an abalone shell and stand. We recommend this kit because it includes all of the essential items to help you get started. Below, we’ve outlined a simple, yet effective ritual to help you release stuck energy.

Sage Ritual to Release Stuck Energy

1. Order White Sage Kit
2. Get a lighter or match, pen and piece of paper (we recommend a non-toxic pen and flash paper)
3. Find a space outside that allows you to connect to the Earth
4. Take a moment to write down any stuck blockages, anything holding you back, and anything you wish to let go of on your piece of paper
5. Place your paper in the abalone shell on its stand
6. Gently light the tip of your sage until your sage catches flame
7. Allow your sage to burn for a few seconds and then blow out your sage so only the fragrant smoke remains
8. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself releasing and letting go
9. When you feel complete, light the tip of your paper and watch it burn away
10. As you do so, circle the sage around your body and space in a counterclockwise direction
11. To finish, make sure all flames are extinguished, close your eyes and meditate on what you wish to invite into your life

When seeking healing and transformation, your mindset is your greatest asset. This ritual helps you release and move forward from a place of intention.

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