Self-Love with Sage and Selenite

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Self-love comes from within. Learn to heal your relationship with yourself to help inspire more loving relationships within your life. 

Nurture a state of total acceptance and release whatever bitterness you may feel about your past
Be at peace with the moment you're in instead of dwelling on the past or the future. Just keep in mind that you couldn't be any closer to your target, and that the journey itself is what matters most. Why do you seem stuck in the past? Let go of old wounds and replace them with love. What makes you happy? Take a few minutes out of your day, every day, to rediscover the things that make you happy. The blend of mountain sage, white sage, and lavender in Sage for Love can be used to bless the beginning of new relationships, revitalize old ones, and purge negative energy from the air.

Learn to be kind to yourself and others, and put yourself first in your love
Everyone is doing the best they can given the circumstances. Do not be so quick to pass judgment on yourself or others; instead, try treating yourself and others with compassionate care. Building a positive inner monologue based on self-love and acceptance clears the way in one's life for positive connections that benefit one's outlook and sense of well-being. It is said that rose quartz is the stone of love, and this is true on a broad scale. The Rose Quartz Tree is an excellent decoration for the home since it serves as a constant reminder to cherish oneself and show kindness to others.

Think on love and get in sync with your thoughts
For you, what does love look like? When do you know you're in love? How do you, first and foremost, open yourself up to receiving this kind of love? Restore your connection with yourself via meditation and mindfulness. Keep track of your thoughts as they occur to you throughout the day. Have you been too hard on yourself or others? In those moments when you realize you're getting down on yourself, stop for a second and send some love your way and the people around you. With a welcoming gesture, hold your Selenite Heart or Labradorite Heart in your palms as you meditate. You can use selenite to protect yourself from harmful energy and attract positive, supportive vibes. When used in conjunction with seated meditation or visualization, the use of selenite, which symbolizes purity, light, and connection, can assist attune your thoughts to a higher vibration. Keep your Selenite Heart with you for the remainder of the day as a reminder to focus on the present now, show yourself some love, and put your own needs first. At the beginning and end of your day, write your intention and place in your Selenite Heart Bowl.

Refer back to last week's piece, How to Use the Love Kit to Invite in Love, for additional advice on the subject of cultivating love.

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