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Whether you're a beginner, novice or advanced wellness practitioner, our intentionally designed kits are supercharged for your intentions. They are carefully curated by our founder Kanta Kirpalani to help you reach your personalized health and wellbeing goals. To help you choose a kit, we've summarized each kit below to help you choose.

Tranquil Wellbeing Kits

  • 7 Chakra Kit: balance your chakras and bring harmony into your mind, body and soul
  • Small Smudge Kit: great for beginners and those just beginning their wellness journey
  • Large White Sage Kit: a classic and simple kit for well-rounded goals
  • Prosperity Kit: designed for prosperity in all aspects of your life with 5 wellness essentials
  • Health and Wellbeing Kit: invite complete mind, body and soul health and wellbeing into your life 
  • Health and Rejuvenation Kit: this is our most comprehensive and well-rounded kit with all the essentials you need to get started or continue onwards on your journey towards total health and rejuvenation
  • Love Kit: invite more love into your relationships with yourself, family and friends with this special kit dedicated to love
  • Self-Love Kit: a special kit designed just for your to cultivate more self-love within your life
  • Abundance Kit: this kit will inspire more abundance in all aspects of your life
  • New Beginnings Kit: designed to help you begin each month anew with specially curated essentials

Our kits are also amazing gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether you are looking to invite in health, love, or abundance, we are here to support you on your wellbeing journey. If you're new to Tranquil Wellbeing, be sure to take advantage of 20% off your first order with TWB20OFF

For more information, inspiration, or impactful practices, visit us at or on our social channels @tranquilwb

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