How to Pair Sage and Crystals

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One of the number one questions we receive is on how to pair sage and crystals. We have handcrafted sage bundles for different purposes such as love, healing, blessing and more. In addition, we specialize in curating affordable and high quality crystal clusters. Today, we'll discuss how to best pair sage and crystals.


Pairing sage and crystals is all about intentionality. This guide is written as a suggestion, not as a rule. Often times, your intuition will draw you to a certain sage bundle and crystal.


Before choosing your sage bundle and crystal, take a moment in your journal to process your thoughts and emotions. Depending on what you're working through in your life, you may be drawn to a certain sage bundle and crystal. 

Sage and Crystal Pairings 

We are here to support you on your wellbeing journey. We offer a subscribe and save option for our sage. If you subscribe, you save 15% on every order! This is a great way to stay consistent. 

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