Sage: What, Why, and Other FAQs

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As we transition further into the fall season, consider what intentions you would like to cultivate and what you would like to let go of. If you’ve felt like the months have been flying by, you’re not alone! Create ritual through smudging to connect to the present and clear out any lingering energy from the past months. We’ve previously discussed 5 Steps on How to Burn Sage and How to Set up a Cleansed Work Space. Below, we will discuss common questions regarding smudging and the use of sage to clear your space so you can get started at home. 

Why do people sage their home?

Burning sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient spiritual ritual designed to cleanse or purify your space, an object, a person or even yourself. The smoke can help dispel and unburden negative energy or past trauma. Smudging can also be used to create a positive environment in preparation for pranayama or meditation and enhance intuition.

Smudging releases a fragrant incense that can be enjoyed at any time of the day as needed. If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, make sure you have your sage handy to change the course of your day. During the day, if working from home creates undue stress, burn sage to soothe your mind and use it as a work from home ally. Lastly, a smudging ritual before bedtime can improve the quality of your sleep by improving your mood and banishing any lingering negativity so you can drift off to sleep in peace.

Sage is a wonderful tool to have and the fragrance can also be used as an air freshener and odor controller. Use responsibility and use often!

Benefits of Burning Sage in your Home 

  1. Purify and cleanse 
  2. Dispel negative energy 
  3. Improve mood 
  4. Decrease stress 
  5. Enhance intuition 

Is sage safe for your body? 

Yes! Sage has been used by Native Americans and other indigenous people for centuries in order to cleanse a person or space. In addition, the ancient Egyptians and Romans used sage to treat digestive issues, memory loss and sore throats. The name sage is derived from the Latin word salvia which means to heal or to be healthy.  

Please note if you do have pre-existing respiratory conditions, asthma or lung issues, it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider before burning sage. As long as you burn sage for a short period of time and use responsibly, it is safe to use.

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your smudging routine?

Before smudging, create a spiritual or energetic intention. Allow your intention to change your frequency and to connect your head and your heart. Open a window to create a connection to nature and to allow the smoke to escape with any impurities and negative energy. After your routine, take a moment to acknowledge your ritual and safely place your sage aside.

Steps to Create Mindfulness for Smudging

  1. Stand or sit holding your sage bundle and an optional supercharged crystal
  2. Close your eyes or softly gaze at your sage bundle 
  3. Take a few rounds of deep breath inviting yourself into your space through your breath
  4. Breathe deeply and invite in your intention asking yourself what you would like to let go of and what you would like to invite in 
  5. Once your intention is set, light your sage and begin

Create a daily smudging routine to increase mindfulness and decrease stress.

Bonus tip: Clear your calendar this Saturday October 16 and smudge your space in preparation for the new moon. This new moon will be close to earth but it won’t be visible because it will travel across the sky in the daytime with the sun but you might feel the gravitational and energetic effect. New moon periods are a time for reflection, intention setting and smudging. We have sage for prosperity, healing, love, and blessing and even sage to align the chakras and quartz and citrine for your smudging ritual. 

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