A Beginner's Guide to Crystal Jewelry

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Crystals and gemstones possess a complex and alluring appeal of external beauty and internal elements that help energy, vibration and anything else you wish to manifest. Depending on the crystals you choose and which form of adornment you choose, you can attract love, balance, hope, new beginnings and more. 

Jewelry has been worn by humans dating thousands of years back and is a universal and sacred form of adornment. Jewelry can be worn to highlight your personality, accent an outfit, or be a symbol of meaning, a reminder of an accomplishment or a loved one. Today, we’ll open the discussion on jewelry, particularly bracelets, and discuss the power of crystals in jewelry. 

Why Wear Holistic Healing Jewelry?

Consider all that you do with your arms and hands during the day. Sacred gemstone adornments around your wrists serve as guidance and protection throughout the day. Crystal or gemstones are most effective when they are in connection with your skin so that the energy from the stones may be infused and connected with you at all times. Jewelry is beautiful and it can be chosen solely for beauty or your jewelry can carry meaning and intention as well. 

For a holistic well-rounded boost, consider stacking multiple crystal bracelets and allow them to impart their healing energy daily. You can either choose your bracelets daily depending on your intention or you can wear your bracelets on your wrists at all times. It’s said that once you no longer need a particular stone’s energy, you’ll feel it and you’ll know it’s time to move on until the next chapter. That means that the magic or gem medicine has worked. This branch of healing is called the medicine of gems or crystal healing. Right now, we could all use some personal growth and healing before the end of 2020. If you come across stress, touch your crystals and gemstones and allow it to be a reminder of your strength.

Remember to choose each piece of jewelry you wear with care and intention and let each piece be a reflection of you. What gems you choose to adorn yourself with can impact your energy and your day. Crystals are elements and each stone possesses metaphysical energies which can impact your own personal energy.

Wear Holistic Healing Jewelry For: 

  1. Energy 
  2. Healing 
  3. Connection 
  4. Peace 
  5. Cleansing
  6. Protection
  7. Hope
  8. Balance
  9. New Beginnings
  10. Love and Acceptance
Do Healing Crystals Work? 

Albert Einstein said that “Everything in Life is Vibration.” This law states that everything in the Universe has a vibration and everything is vibrating at a particular frequency. Our thoughts, feelings, and everything in our subconscious is all contributing to our vibration, and crystals can be an asset to our vibrational frequency. 

Crystals are all around us. Quartz crystals have been used for their energetic properties since ancient times. One of the elements that make up our planet’s crust is crystal and scientists and engineers use crystals in our technology such as clocks and computers. Your personal energy signature influences how you interact with experiences and people around you and what you attract or repel into your life.

Crystals have a unique structure which gives them a special resonance. These can be symbols of focus and calm, which can influence a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual state. Have you ever been in a room with someone who was in a bad mood and then left the room feeling just a little bit worse yourself? Every person and every object is vibrating at a different frequency. You can sense and feel when someone is pouring positivity and high vibrations from themselves or when someone is clouding a space with negativity and low vibrations. Crystals work in tandem with our vibrations to protect our space or deflect negative energy. 

The key to using crystals and gemstones is an intention setting ritual and choosing a mantra. Set your intention with your crystal in a quiet space, charge your crystals with either sunlight or moonlight and smudge your piece with sage smoke in order to cleanse your crystal's energy regularly. We discuss smudging here, here and here. You might not feel an earth shattering difference, but you might feel a subtle shift in energy and thought patterns the more you use your crystal. 

If the idea of using crystals to heal seems a little too far “out there,” it might just mean that you’re not ready to open and receive their benefits. Having something to believe in and something to anchor into can be a powerful tool for the mind. 

Why Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Jewelry is a meaningful, gender neutral and size inclusive gift. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start holiday gift shopping. Consider choosing one or more bracelets to gift alone or as a stack. 

The veil is thin between science and Eastern spirituality, it’s up to you whether or not you choose to embrace the complex and alluring beauty of crystals. 

Stay tuned for our discussion of powerful crystals and gemstones: amethyst, onyx, quartz, and tiger's eye.


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