5 Ways to Harness Blue Moon Energy

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Did you know that this year’s full moon falls on Halloween? The last time this occurred was 1944. Popular culture might give you the impression that Halloween always falls on a full moon, but don’t be tricked. This special full moon is rare for three reasons: 1. It’s a blue moon, 2. It’s the second full moon in October and 3. It falls on Halloween. The entire 21st century will only see six Halloween full moons: 2001, 2020, 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096. The full moon is a time of sacred heightened energy. Read on to learn how more about the history of Halloween, full moons and how to harness this energy.

What are the Origins of Halloween? 

Historically, Halloween originated as Samhain, which was an ancient Gaelic festival that was celebrated from October 31st through November1st as a way of marking the end of harvest time and welcoming the darker and longer nights. The Celts believed that this was the one day where the veil between the physical world and the spirit world was at its thinnest, in order to allow spirits and the dead to wander our world once again. 

What is a Blue Moon? 

The lunar cycle from one full moon until the next, lasts approximately 29.5 days and a full moon usually only happens once a month. It’s relatively rare to have a blue moon or two full moons in the same month and even rarer to have a full moon fall on Halloween, which we will experience this month in 2020. 

The second full moon in the same month is called a “blue moon” and occurs on average every two to three years. A full moon on Halloween only occurs approximately every eighteen to nineteen years due to a pattern known as the Metonic Cycle, which states that after nineteen years, the phase of the moon will repeat. If you’ve ever heard the lexicon, “once in a blue moon,” this is where the phrase is derived from: the elusive full moon on Halloween. This year’s October 2020 moon on the 31st is called the “Hunter’s Blue Moon”. 

Note: the moon won’t actually appear blue in color, the name is actually more about when the moon occurs in the month rather than its color; sorry to disappoint. 

How to Celebrate Halloween this Year 

Besides sweet treats, horror movies and costumes, consider these aligned wellness rituals to celebrate Halloween and this special blue moon. 

5 Ways to Harness Blue Moon Energy 

  1. Light some sage and set an intention for the next moon cycle
  2. Cleanse and charge your crystals 
  3. Meditate and work on manifestation 
  4. Do a few rounds of Chandra Namaskar or Moon Salutation  
  5. Moon gaze with loved ones 

The idea of the magic of the full moon has always been steeped in folklore and traditions. You might not actually see a werewolf this year, but you can still harness the power of the full moon and enjoy a rare blue moon to mark the end of October and the beginning of longer nights. Stock up on wellness essentials this week to prepare and have a Happy Halloween!


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