What's Included in January's New Beginnings Kit?

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The January edition of our New Beginnings Kit is specifically designed for meditation and wellness. Continue reading below to learn more about our Beginner's Meditation Kit, our January edition for new beginnings.
This kit includes 8 wellness essentials with a total savings of $15. Many items are currently exclusive to this kit such as the altar cloth, incense holder, box of incense, brass bell and raw black tourmaline. These high quality essentials are hand curated by our founder Kanta Kirpalani.
To shop the New Beginnings Kit, click here.
For this kit, you have the option to choose your altar cloth design. There are 3 options: Flower of Life, Metatron Cube and Triple Moon.
Flower of Life
The flower of life symbolizes creation and interconnectedness of life on earth from a scientific and ecological standpoint. It is believed that these arrangements are derived from a single source which is a divine creator. It is the reminder of everything.
Metatron Cube
This is the mystical 3 dimension cube used by archangel Metatron to watch over the flow of energy connecting earth to the divine. It symbolizes the underlying patterns of the universe. Use this in meditation to clear your thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.
Triple Moon 
The moon is considered a sacred symbol. This represents the 3 different phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning, and womanhood. It represents the divine feminine power of intuition, psychic insights, creative energy and wisdom. The moon is a powerful reminder of the eternal cycle of birth, life and rebirth.
To shop the New Beginnings Kit, click here.
Use this bell to call in good tidings and positive energy. Ring the bell to invite in blessings and ward off negative energy before your meditation practice or throughout the day. The frequency and vibration of the bell works in a similar manner to a singing bowl.
White sage is an essential for clearing your mind and intentions. Sage is the ultimate purifier and can be used to cleanse your space and invite in blessings.
Raw black tourmaline is a beautiful and sacred stone that you can keep with you on your altar or throughout the day in your bag or on your desk. Raw black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for protection and cleansing. This stone can help to remove negative, dark feelings or anxious vibrations. Instead, nurture your soul with positive feelings, creativity and inspiration. Black tourmaline will help you feel safe and secure by balancing your lower chakras.
Selenite is a sacred and powerful stone used to purify a space of negative energy and help remove stagnant blockages. The beautiful translucent nature of the stone represents a connection to the angelic realms drawing in purity and light. Selenite calms emotions and activates the higher chakras by awakening your spiritual gifts and raising your vibrations.
To shop the New Beginnings Kit, click here. This is a monthly subscription kit with hand selected wellness essentials that are curated in alignment with seasonal changes and energy. Many items included in this kit will be exclusive to each month and there will always be an overall savings. It's an amazing way to treat yourself and stay focused and committed to your wellness goals.


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