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One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or a loved one, is the gift of self-love. Any day can become a special day when you treat yourself with love and respect. We've made it easy to choose yourself first by designing our Self-Love Kit with all the wellness essentials you need to direct love, compassion and kindness into your life and relationships. 

What is self-love? 

Self-love is learning to love yourself first, to value yourself, and to acknowledge all the amazing qualities you possess regardless of other people's opinions or perceived "faults."

There are many different definitions of self-love. The definition greatly depends on your own interpretation and how you feel self-love within your own mind, body and soul.

Self-doubt and low self-esteem are the obstacles to self-love. Self-love comes from within and will take some time to flourish within. There is beauty in loving yourself just the way you are. 

5 self-love tips: 

1. Stop comparing yourself to others and worry less about other people's opinions and more about how you feel

2. Be kind to yourself -- allow yourself to make mistakes and then learn from them 

3. Cleanse out negative stuck energy and let go of toxic friendships and relationships

4. Acknowledge your own intrinsic value by focusing on yourself and trusting your own opinion

5. Put yourself first, say no, set boundaries

What does this kit include? 

Our Self-Love Kit includes 8 wellness essentials featuring rose quartz, the stone of love:

1. Rose Quartz Tree of Life

2. Rose Quartz Crystal Angel 

3. Rose Quartz Crystal Heart

4. Raw Rose Quartz Crystal 

5. Sage for Love

6. Palo Santo Stick 

7. Selenite Stick 

8. Velvet Pouch 

Why is this kit special? 

This Self-Love Kit was specially curated by our founder Kanta Kirpalani who has a background in crystal healing and reiki. It was designed to assist your mind, body and soul healing journey towards loving yourself unconditionally. Each item included in this kit is intentionally hand selected for you. 

How to use this kit? 

Like all of our kits, you can use this kit as you wish to mix and match depending on your current intentions. Below, we've outlined one way to use the kit, although there are many others as well. 

1. Place your Rose Quartz Tree of Life in your bedroom, bathroom or office space to infuse the area with loving energy. Rose quartz is the universal stone of love and this tree is designed with natural rose quartz on both the branches and the base. Each time you look at your tree, remind yourself to take a deep breath and love yourself from within. 

2. Keep your rose quartz crystal angel, heart, and raw stone in the velvet pouch to carry with you during your day. When you need a reminder, run your hands along the smooth surface of the angel or heart and say a prayer or blessing. When you need strength, hold your raw rose quartz in your hand. 

3. In the morning and evening, gently light your Sage for Love and repeat your affirmation. An example is "I am loved." This helps to change your mindset towards one of loving energy. To end your ritual on a powerfully fragrant note, light your Palo Santo, then hold your Selenite Stick and imagine drawing energy from the angelic realms through the selenite stick into your life. 

Treat yourself and your loved ones to our Self-Love Kit, designed to inspire more love, compassion and kindness in your relationship with yourself and those around you.

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