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This week’s affirmation is: Abundance is freely and effortlessly flowing to me. Abundance is a mindset and today, we have a sage ritual featuring our Sage for Prosperity that will help you attract abundance into your life. 

Abundance is unlimited. We can all tap into this infinite source to bring good into our life. Abundance can manifest itself in your life through relationships, healing, happiness, career and more. We can change our mindset to tap into this infinite source. Set yourself up with an abundant week by repeating this affirmation every morning. 

Sage for Prosperity Ritual 

For this ritual, you will need: 

  1. Sage for Prosperity
  2. Citrine crystal 
  3. A lighter 
  4. Abalone shell
  5. Journal 

Sage Smudging Ritual:

  1. Every morning this week, sit facing a window or greenery and light your Sage for Prosperity
  2. Circle your sage around your citrine crystal and repeat your affirmation twice with purpose and authenticity: Abundance is freely and effortlessly flowing to me
  3. Then place your sage in the abalone shell so it safely cools down
  4. Close your eyes and repeat your affirmation twice more: Abundance is freely and effortlessly flowing to me
  5. To complete this ritual, write this affirmation down twice in your journal and write down one thing you are grateful for
  6. For a full prosperity set, shop our Prosperity Kit -- Have a beautiful week

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