Summertime Reset Featuring TWB Kits

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Late Summer is the optimal time to reset your physical, emotional and mental body. Our curated kits are intentionally designed by founder Kanta Kirpalani for purposeful rituals and cleansing. Below, we’ll highlight our favorite kits for a summertime reset.

Love Kit

The Love Kit Features:

Sage for Love

Abalone Shell and Stand

Rose Quartz Tree

Summertime Reset:

Use this kit to cleanse and create loving energy. Sage for Love can be used to cleanse your space and invite in positive loving energy into your life. Place your Rose Quartz Tree in your home or workspace as a reminder to open your heart and acknowledge your emotions. Reset your relationship with yourself, with friends and with your loved ones and begin refreshed and anew with positive energy.

Prosperity Kit

The Prosperity Kit Features:

Sage for Prosperity

Abalone Shell and Stand

7 Chakra Mini Tree

7 Chakra Bracelet

Summertime Reset:

Use this kit to realign your intentions towards abundance. This powerful combination includes Sage for Prosperity to cleanse and invite in prosperity and a 7 Chakra Tree and Bracelet to help you realign your chakras as we enter into late summer. By aligning your chakras, you are becoming more open and receptive to prosperity in your life. Place your 7 Chakra Mini Tree in your space as a reminder to manifest success and invite opportunity into your life. Crystals are powerful amplifiers for positivity and prosperity.

Health Kit

The Health Kit Features:

Sage for Blessing

Abalone Shell and Stand

Amethyst Crystal Tree

Amethyst Bracelet

Summertime Reset:

Use this kit to revitalize your health and wellbeing. Sage for Blessing brings good energy and renews your space by dispelling any accumulated negative energy from the season. Amethyst is a stone of relaxation and harmony and is a beautiful piece to place by your bedside or work table. It’s also a stone of protection and purification so wear your Amethyst Bracelet as a way to shield low negative energy throughout the day.

Enjoy these moments of sunny summertime and invite in positivity into your life.

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