Protect Your Energy with the Evil Eye

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As the seasons change, it’s important to protect your energy with smudging, intention setting and protective talismans. Have you ever felt drained after an encounter with an individual? You may have been susceptible to their negative energy. Today, we’ll discuss the history and importance of the evil eye and talismans.

What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is a curse or legend originating in Ancient Greece which said that a malevolent glare from someone who means to do you harm can cause misfortune to befall you. Many cultures across the world have adopted this powerful talisman.

Why Do Need an Evil Eye Talisman?

In order to ward off evil and negativity, it’s necessary to possess an evil eye talisman. Throughout the day, we can encounter a variety of situations, people and events. It's important to stay protected and feel centered within your body and mind. 

What is a Talisman?

A talisman is any object that is intended to protect or heal you. It can be carried with you or hung in a safe space to provide protection

What Talismans Do we Recommend?

  1. Elephant Talisman for Protective Energy
  2. Evil Eye Protection Talisman
  3. Protective Trio Elephant Talisman
  4. The Protector Evil Eye Protection Talisman
  5. Protective Tree of Life Talisman
  6. Protective Lucky Elephant Talisman

These talismans provide protection from negativity caused by jealousy, misfortune, bad luck or injury. Buy one for yourself and one for your loved ones to keep those around you safe from “evil eyes.”

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