How to Cleanse with the Health and Rejuvenation Sage Kit

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Smudging with sage is an ancient method for purifying and cleansing an object, space or person. This practice was initially practiced by indigenous people and today, it’s widely used by everyday people for holistic healing. Here at Tranquil Wellbeing, we offer tools to help you live your best life. One of our essential kits is the Health and Rejuvenation Kit because it provides everything you need in your wellness journey. Use the Health and Rejuvenation Kit to spark transformation and healing in your life.

What’s Included?

The Health and Rejuvenation Kit includes:

  1. Palo Santo: a fragrant wood known as “holy wood” that is used in tandem with sage for cleansing rituals
  2. Sage: an essential natural plant used in smudging rituals to cleanse negativity energy and direct intentional energy towards what you seek
  3. Crystals: crystals carry specific vibrations and frequencies that can bring specific energy into your life
  4. Abalone shell and wooden stand: this is an essential component of a smudging ritual — the shell and stand hold your sage and palo santo and allow the embers to gently release
  5. Feather: use this feather to direct the smoke in the direction of your choosing or place it nearby to add an element of nature into your space
  6. Chakra Bracelet: wear your chakra bracelet as a reminder to stay in alignment with your chakras and make intentional decisions throughout the day that align with your highest potential

How to Sage?

Smudging Ritual with the Health and Rejuvenation Kit

  1. Gather your Kit and a lighter and find a space to set up in a well ventilated space with your abalone shell and stand in front and your palo santo and sage resting in the shell
  2. Slip the bracelet on your wrist, place the crystals in a semicircle around the stand and have the feather nearby
  3. Set your intentions and choose an affirmation of what you would like to invite into your life (Examples: I am healing, I am balanced, I am worthy)
  4. Hold your sage bundle in your hand and light it for about 10-20 seconds until it catches flame
  5. Blow out the flame and direct the smoke around an object, your space, a person or yourself
  6. Keep your intention and affirmation in your mind as you cleanse
  7. Never leave the burning sage unattended and if you’re new to smudging and feel overwhelmed by the smoke, make sure to open a window to bring in some fresh air
  8. Once your complete your cleansing with the sage, place it into the shell and light your palo santo
  9. Blow out the flame and place your palo santo back into the dish
  10. Sit and breathe deeply, taking a moment to remind yourself of your intention

If you’re new to the practice of smudging this kit includes everything you need to get started. Let us know if we can assist you on your journey. Use the Health and Rejuvenation Kit to achieve improved health and balance today.

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