How to Cultivate Love, Prosperity and Health with Our Kits

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How are you feeling right now? In the seasonal shift, we find ourselves leaning into the feeling of transition and cultivating ways to be mindful and comfortable in the season. This week, we’ve curated 3 of our favorite kits to help you transition and inspire you to live your best life: Love, Health and Prosperity.

Why Choose the Love Kit

Cultivate loving energy within yourself and your relationships. As the weather turns cooler, create warmth in your relationships and remember that you are worthy of your own attention. Take some time for you this week by smudging with Sage for Love. Place your Rose Quartz Tree in your bedroom to create a feeling of serenity and so your dreams are filled with loving energy as well. Rose Quartz is the universal stone of love and is a powerful amplifier to have in your space. The Love Kit features Sage for Love, an abalone shell and stand, and a Rose Quartz Tree.

Why Choose the Prosperity Kit

One of the best ways to create prosperity in your life, is to create space for abundance to come into your life. Smudge with Sage for Prosperity to cleanse your mindset of doubt and towards one of manifestation and prosperity. When our chakras are in alignment, energy can flow more freely through our system, inspiring creativity and abundance in our life. Wear the chakra bracelet on your wrist and place the 7 Chakra Mini Tree in your space to remind yourself to take steps towards chakra alignment. The Prosperity Kit features Sage for Prosperity, an abalone shell and stand, a 7 Chakra Bracelet and Tree.

Why Choose the Health Kit

Take care of your health and wellbeing with the Health and Wellbeing Kit. This curated bundle is designed to help you protect your sense of wellbeing and bring blessings into your life. Burn the Sage for Blessing bundle that’s handcrafted with mountain sage, white sage and lavender to help clear your mind. Bring in new beginnings and harmonious vibrations with this combination. Smudging and renewing the energy in our space isn’t always about getting rid of the bad but also about giving thanks for the good. Amethyst is a protective stone for relaxation. Stress can cause a decreased immune system. Take deep breaths when gazing at your Amethyst Tree. The Health Kit features Sage for Blessing, an abalone shell and stand, an Amethyst Bracelet and Tree.

We are here to guide you on your wellbeing journey. Our kits are essential tools and can guide you through any transition through life.

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