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Welcome prosperity. This week’s intentional affirmation is: I am a magnet for success and prosperity. Today, we’ll discuss a simple routine utilizing the Prosperity Kit and Sage for Prosperity to shift your perspective and cultivate abundance within your life. If you’re interested in receiving mindful messages and weekly affirmations, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter.

By practicing positive thinking, you’ll open yourself up to the ways in which prosperity is already present in your life. That’s right, the focus today isn’t on searching outside of your life for abundance, but instead, acknowledging the different ways that abundance already shows up in your life. By focusing on what you do have, you’ll be able to shift your perspective and effortlessly invite more abundance into your life through your abundance mindset.

Gratitude Ritual for Abundance

  1. This ritual is best done at the beginning of the day before the workday, or after a day at work in the evening
  2. Gather your Prosperity Kit and Sage for Prosperity -- these are key tools in the Prosperity Collection to aid you on your path towards abundance 
  3. Set your items down in front of you, find a comfortable seat and close your eyes
  4. Visualize all the ways abundance shows up in your life and the things that you are grateful for
  5. Be specific and intentional with your thoughts and energy
  6. Open your eyes, light your Sage for Prosperity bundle and place the bundle in the abalone shell on it’s stand
  7. Breathe deeply and say aloud or within, “I am a magnet for success and prosperity”
  8. Close your practice with an intentional breath and continue on your day

Abundance is a mindset. In order for manifestation to work, it’s important to acknowledge what you do have, instead of focusing on lack. Practice our Gratitude Ritual for Abundance to invite prosperity into your life.

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