Power of Talismans Featuring Selenite and Tourmaline

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What are Talismans?

Talismans are objects that are thought to bring good luck, fortune, protection, and healing. Talismans are usually portable meant to be carried around to provide power to the owner. They’ve been used since ancient times and have been seen throughout history. Talismans can be any object that speaks to your intuition. Spend time with your talisman and cleanse it regularly with sage and sound healing.

Power of Selenite and Black Tourmaline


Selenite and tourmaline are extremely powerful crystals and when combined, their effectiveness is amplified. The combination of tourmaline and selenite is protective, clearing and cleansing. Tourmaline absorbs negative vibrations while selenite clears and cleanses the space. It is said to create an energetic boundary and shield between you and unwanted energy. It can be hung near the entrance of your home or workplace or in your rearview mirror. This can also be placed in your own pocket as personal energy protection.

Our Selenite and Black Tourmaline Talisman protects you from negative energy and raises your vibration by encouraging you to be vibrant and radiant even in dark times. 

Keep your talisman close by to dispel evil and bring good fortune into all aspects of your life.

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