Summertime Abundance Smudging Ritual

Ritual is a powerful way to tap into abundance. It’s a process that allows you to connect to your highest intentions, the Universe and your desires. Today, we’ll discuss a simple but powerful smudging ritual for summertime abundance. 

Summertime Abundance Ritual

Affirmation: Abundance is flowing freely and effortlessly to me 

  1. Begin your ritual at high noon in a shaded spot outdoors or inside, close to a window with adequate sunlight 
  2. Gather your supplies: (1) Prosperity Kit (which includes a Quartz Tree, Sage for Prosperity, Shell and Stand and a Chakra Bracelet), (2) a Citrine Cluster,  and a (3) Tigers Eye Bracelet for confidence and luck (crystals are important because they raise your vibrational frequency and help you attract what you seek)
  3. Set up your space with positive energy — place your Quartz Crystal Tree in front of you, Citrine in your right hand, and your Tigers Eye Bracelet and Chakra Bracelet on your left wrist
  4. Lightly burn your Sage for Prosperity and repeat the above affirmation in your head 3x 
  5. Close your eyes and breathe in the smell of sage and meditate on the idea of abundance, imagining it flowing directly to you 

Abundance is infinite and can be tapped into endlessly. Shift your mindset to reflect a positive mindset around abundance and begin to see the shift. Summer is a great time to manifest abundance into your life. 

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Written by Tranquil Wellbeing