How to Burn Sage More Effectively

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This week, we’re offering one simple but effective tool to burn sage more effectively. Sage bundles are typically beautifully and tightly packed to maximize sage leaves. However, this can affect how well your sage bundle burns. Our founder Kanta Kirpalani recommends gently loosening your sage leaves to allow more oxygen to flow between the leaves; this will allow your sage to burn more effectively.

Shop our favorite sage bundles below:

Smudge with Chakra Sage to help balance and align your chakras. Chakras are energetic points in the body and when we are depleted, our chakras can become blocked. By burning sage, you can direct positive energy to each chakra as well as release negativity.

Smudge with Sage for Prosperity to bring abundance and prosperity into your life. Abundance can refer to all facets of your life such as in relationships, love, fortune, good luck and more. 

Smudge with Sage for Blessing to bring harmony and blessings into your life. This sage bundle can cultivate positivity in your life as well as cleanse an object that needs blessing. 

Smudge with Sage for Love to invite loving energy into your life, friendships, relationships and more. 

Smudging with sage is an important and impactful daily practice. We're here to assist with any questions that you may have. Schedule a chat with Kanta, here

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