Guide to Crystal Shapes

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Crystals are powerful minerals capable of assisting manifestation, healing, protection, good luck and more. Crystals come in a varied array of shapes, sizes and formation and the unique structure of crystals affect the way the crystal transmits and receives energy from you and the Universe. Today, we’ll discuss the top 5 most common crystal shapes and their meanings.

Top 5 Crystal Shapes and Meanings


A crystal cluster, radiates energy in all directions. A cluster represents the crystal in its natural form and it’s a great piece for your living room or bedroom. Place your Quartz Cluster or Citrine Cluster somewhere where you can allow the it’s natural beauty to shine.


Heart shaped crystals are special because they’ve been specifically cut and polished into their form in order to attract, give and receive loving energy. Meditating with a Selenite Heart can help you connect and open your heart chakra. Focus on releasing blockages from past relationships and fill your heart with possibilities and light.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones provide gentle, even energy. Even though tumbled stones may appear small in size, they are powerful and accessible. Their portable and friendly form makes them easy to carry around with you. Keep your Chakra Stones in their small leather pouch in your bag and run your hands along the stones when you need to connect to a certain chakra or certain type of energy. Creating a physical connection to your stones can create a gentle reminder to stay true to your intention or goals for the moment.


A single or double tower shape is a powerful, strong and purposeful crystal. Towers have the ability to recharge not only your space, but your crystals. Place your Selenite Single Tower or Selenite Double Tower in an important space such as your workspace, creative space or conference area.


The point shape helps to amplify intentions and provide focused and direct energy; optimal for intention setting or manifesting your desires. This shape helps to direct your goals and dreams out into the Universe and keeps you on track. Keep your Selenite Hexagon Point nearby when you want to direct your intentions upward and outward into your environment. This works well for yoga, meditation or creative practice.

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