5 Steps on How to Burn Sage

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Let’s clear the air. 

Did you know that the tradition of burning sage has been used for thousands of years? Similar to oregano, lavender, and thyme, you may recognize sage from your spice cabinet. However it is also commonly used for improving mental health, purifying objects and spaces, and channeling intentions. While the practice of burning sage, otherwise known as smudging, is thousands of years old, it was only introduced to the modern western world a few decades ago. If you’re a sage burning beginner, you are probably wondering what you need, how to use it, and why you should begin. We’re here to break down smudging into 5 easy steps. 


Step One: Gather Your Materials

Other than the sage itself, you will most likely have the tools necessary for smudging in your home already. To burn sage, you only need 3 simple things: A sage bundle, some matches, and a ceramic bowl or glass to collect the ashes. Check out some of favorites here!


Step Two: Getting Started

To begin the process, simply light the bottom of the bundle with the matches. The bundle shouldn’t be on fire, but rather smoldering and releasing smoke. You can direct this smoke at any space, object, or body part of your intention by holding the sage or directing with a feather. The Abalone shell, included in our bundles and kits, can collect the ashes and also incorporates the energy and purity of water into your practice. 

Step Three: Keep it Safe

If you are leaving sage to burn in a room for an extended period of time, be sure to open a window and make sure your pets are out of the room. While there is research indicating that sage can rid the air of toxins, inhaling too much smoke can cause adverse effects, so avoid too much direct exposure. Never leave burning sage unattended and completely extinguish it at the end of each use by pressing it into the dish or shell.

Step Four: Set Your Intentions

Intention is arguably the most important part of burning sage. When you go into the process with a specific thought or mental state you are looking to purify, an item you are wanting to bless, or space you are trying to rid of negative energy, your experience will be more meaningful and successful. Sage also makes for a great chemical-free air freshener or odor remover, so the physical and mental effects will linger for many days after the bundle is put out.  

Step 5: Stay True to You 

The most important part of burning sage is to do what feels right for you and your situation. There are many videos online demonstrating how to smudge which can be helpful for technique or avoiding setting the house on fire, but be sure not to get hung up on others’ goals for purification. Like most of our products, everyone experiences healing differently, so don’t worry about textbook rules and let your energy lead you!

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