7 Chakra Hand Crochet Dream Catcher

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This beautiful 7 Chakra Dream Catcher features hand crochet and feathers. 

The 7 colors of the 7 chakras work to harmonize your dreams and create alignment  as you sleep peacefully through the night or in the day time when you pass underneath it.

Dream Catchers are also referred to as "Sacred Hoops." They have been used since ancient times as talismans to protect dreamers against bad dreams and nightmares. Each hoop acts as a protective filter catching good dreams, and releasing bad dreams. Each circle represents the circle of life, the sun and the moon. The feathers allow positivity to gently cascade down.

This Dream Catcher can also be placed above your balcony, in a doorway or in your window. Passing underneath your dream catcher during the day helps to catch good ideas and release negativity and tension. 

Activate your Dream Catcher with sage or palo santo

Dimensions: 35in long, 4.5in diameter

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