Guide to Crystals: Onyx, Tiger's Eye and Aventurine

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Welcome back to our discussion on crystals, their benefits and corresponding affirmations. This week is Guide to Crystals Week Two and the focus is on onyx, tiger’s eye and aventurine. These crystals and gemstones are beneficial for warding off negativity and cultivating protection, good luck and self-confidence. Be sure to check out our previous crystal articles: A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Jewelry and Guide to Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz.


Onyx provides strength, self-confidence, self-control, and power and helps with difficult decision making. Onyx is also a powerful protection stone that protects the wearer by absorbing negative energy and transforming it.


  • I cleanse myself of negative emotions
  • I release all negative thoughts that don’t serve me
  • I am capable, strong and confidence

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s eye is a stone of protection and good luck. It can help bring insight into complex situations by focusing the mind and increasing mental clarity to help resolve problems that might have been clouded by emotions or negative energy. Tiger’s eye can also create power to dispel fear and anxiety. 


  • I attract the energy I seek 
  • I am confident and clear in my desires 
  • I respect myself 

Green Aventurine 

The aventurine crystal stone is a powerful gem for releasing stuck, cloudy or hurt emotions within the heart. Green aventurine is a heart healer and heart protector and helps to attract love, good luck, abundance and success. If there are unresolved emotional issues or relationships in your life, consider placing an aventurine or chakra tree nearby. 


  • I welcome love, abundance and success into my life 
  • I consciously attract good fortune  
  • I am ready to heal my heart 

Onyx, tiger’s eye, and aventurine pair well together as stones that diffuse negative energy and provide protection. Wear these daily, store in your bag, or place in your workspace or home in order to feel the cumulative benefits.

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