Self-Love Kit

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Treat yourself and your loved ones to our Self-Love Kit designed to inspire more love, compassion and kindness in your relationship with yourself and those around you. This kit features 8 wellness essentials featuring rose quartz, the stone of love. 

Kit Includes:

*All sizes are approximate

Rose Quartz Tree 
In addition to its beautiful, soft color, Rose Quartz is the universal stone for love. This makes the perfect gift for a significant other or a great addition to your shared living space. Use this tree as a reminder to open your heart and acknowledge your emotions.

Size: 6-7" with raw rose quartz crystal base

Rose Quartz Crystal Angel 

Carry this beautiful pocket angel wherever you go to draw blessings, love and positive energy into your life. 

Size: 1.5-3/4"

Rose Quartz Crystal Heart

Place this rose quartz heart on your desk, bedside table or in your bag. Hold this heart in your hand when you need to cultivate a little more loving energy into your life. 

Size: 2.75"x2.75"

Raw Rose Quartz Crystal 

A natural raw rose quartz stone to carry with you along with your rose quartz angel and heart. 

Size: Approximately 2"

Sage for Love 
For when you are looking for new love or to renew love. It can be used before an important anniversary or after a fight; use this sage to both point your energy toward celebrating the good and eliminating the bad!

Size: 4"

Palo Santo Stick 

A fragrant wood also known as "holy wood" designed to help draw positive loving energy into your relationships and space. 

Size: 3-4" 

Selenite Stick 

Selenite is a crystal used for cleansing, manifesting and protection. Pairs well with the Sage for Love and Palo Santo included in this kit. 

Velvet Pouch 

Carry your wellness essentials in a convenient velvet pouch. 

*Color will vary